Give Greatly

You want to give, I want to help.

Inspiring and activating a new generation of givers. I help people who want to donate by matching them with nonprofit organizations that align with their values and issues they are passionate about. I connect and motivate people give more.

Facilitated Group Session

What's the goal of the session?
To create a fun, informal, safe space to reflect on giving habits. And because most of us like to feel productive with our limited time, it’s also action oriented. We motivate and inspire you to outline your giving path, and stick to it.

Why is it relevant?
Most people want to give back and impact a cause or issue they believe in but rarely have the time or space to be intentional about where they donate. As individuals or couples see their salaries increase, they often find themselves stuck in the same giving pattern of spontaneous giving that perhaps was done in the early stages of their career. This session sets aside time for reflection and discussion around how you can be more thoughtful about giving, without making it overly complex.

What is done in the group?
Everything from individual reflection time to post-it note exercises to facilitated group discussion around best practices. The end result is a set of tools you can use to create your own giving plan.

Do we tell each other the amount we've donated or our future plan for donating?
Absolutely not. While the session is meant to reflect on your habits and motivate you to action, it is done in a fun, non-threatening space. Giving is personal - we keep it that way.

How many people should be in the group?
The best groups range from 10-25 people. 

I woke up this morning feeling truly energized after the get together last night. Having a discussion about our passions and how we can make a difference in our family, community, globally made me realize how much I was missing that type of conversation in my life. I really appreciate you including me in the discussion. I have a feeling the ideas discussed last night will lead to positive change.
— Heather D. (Participant, Los Angeles Facilitated Giving Session)