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You want to give, I want to help.

Inspiring and activating a new generation of givers. I help people who want to donate by matching them with nonprofit organizations that align with their values and issues they are passionate about. I connect and motivate people give more.

You want to give, I want to help.

I connect givers with the right non-profits to facilitate high impact giving. 

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Middle-class Amer­i­cans give a far bigger share of their discretionary income to charities than the rich. Households that earn $50,000 to $75,000 give an average of 7.6 percent of their discretionary income to charity, compared with an average of only 4.2 percent for people who make $100,000 or more.
— Chronicle of Philanthropy, 2012

Are you curious to find out where you fall? Use the simple giving calculator to see if you're on the path to meet or exceed the 7.6%.

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Give Greatly Charity Calculator

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